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Fenugreek / hulbah / hilbah



Fenugreek / hulbah / hilbah

Name: Trigonela foenum graecum


Sanskrit Name:

Common name:
Methi, Fenugreek, Alhova, Bird's Foot, Greek Clover, Greek Hay.

Parts used:
Seeds, Leaves.

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Introduction :

Fenugreek seeds is used as a spice and fenugreek leaves are eaten as vegetable in India, China and the Middle East for centuries. The practitioners of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine have used and documented Methi seeds for its many medicinal uses. The spice is exported in its whole and powdered forms as well as in the form of extracted oil which is extensively used as Herbal supplements, Therapeutic applications, Culinary, Tea, Perfumery and Dye. The major importers of Indian fenugreek are Saudi Arabia, Japan, Malaysia, USA, The UK, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Plant Description :

Fenugreek plant is a quick growing annual leguminous herb about 2 feet in height. Leaves are light green in color. Plant stems are long and slender. Fenugreek leaves are tripartite, toothed, grey-green obovate leaves, 20-25 mm long. Fenugreek plant blooms white flowers in the summer. Fenugreek seed pods contain ten to twenty small, flat, yellow-brown, pungent, aromatic seeds. Fenugreek seeds are small and stony; about 1/8 inch long, oblong, rhomboidal, with a deep furrow dividing them into two unequal lobes. Fenugreek seeds have a strong aroma and bitter in taste. Plants mature in about four months. The whole plant is uprooted and allowed to dry. The seeds are threshed out and further dried.

Distribution :

Traditionally, fenugreek grows best in well-drained loams with a low rainfall. Mild Mediterranean climates are most suitable. In India, this spice is often cultivated as a cover crop in citrus-fruit groves to take advantage of their leguminous nature. The major producers of Indian fenugreek are Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

History :

In India the seeds are largely employed by the natives, both as spice and medicine, while the fresh plant is consumed as a vegetable. It was used by the Egyptians to make yellow dye, plasters and cataplasms. Seed pastes were used to treat fever, diabetes and stomach complaints. Traditional Chinese herbalists used it for kidney problems and conditions affecting the male reproductive tract. In various areas of North Africa the seeds paste were traditionally eaten by women to gain weight, in combination with sugar and olive oil.

Active Constituents :

28% mucilage; 22 % proteids; 5 % of a stronger-smelling, bitter fixed oil.

Alkaloides : Trimethylamine, Neurin, Trigonelline, Choline, Gentianine, Carpaine and Betain.

Amino acids : Isoleucine, 4-Hydroxyisoleucine, Histidine, Leucine, lysine, L-tryptophan, Argenine.

Saponins : Graecunins, fenugrin B, fenugreekine, trigofoenosides A-G.

Steroidal sapinogens : Yamogenin, diosgenin, smilagenin, sarsasapogenin, tigogenin, neotigogenin, gitogenin, neogitogenin, yuccagenin.

Fiber : Gum, neutral detergent. Ffiber

Other : Coumarin, lipids, vitamins, minerals.

Action :

Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Emollient, Expectorant, Febrifuge, Galactagogue, mucilaginous, Restorative, Soothing, Stimulant, Tonic.

Traditional uses :

Fenugreek seeds are rich in vitamin E and is one of the earliest spices known to man.

Fresh fenugreek leaves are beneficial in the treatment of indigestion, flatulence and a sluggish liver.

The dried leaves of the fenugreek is used as a quality flavour for meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

An infusion of the leaves is used as a gargle for recurrent mouth ulcers. A gargle made from the seeds is best for ordinary sore throat.

Fresh Fenugreek leaves paste applied over the scalp regularly before bath helps hair grow, preserves natural color, keeps hair silky and also cures dandruff.

Fenugreek seeds made in gruel, given to nursing mothers increase the flow of milk.

Topically, the gelatinous texture of fenugreek seed may have some benefit for soothing skin that is irritated by eczema or other conditions. It has also been applied as a warm poultice to relieve muscle aches and gout pain.

Fenugreek seeds reduces the amounts of calcium oxalate in the kidneys which often contributes to kidney stones. In animal studies, fenugreek appeared to lessen the chance of developing colon cancer by blocking the action of certain enzymes.

Other uses :

Fenugreek restores nitrogen in the soil as it comes from the pea family, hence used in Organic farming as a soil renovator. Fenugreek plants are also used as an oriental cattle fodder.

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